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Explore our great-priced medical cost sharing plans! Our Christian Ministries offer quotes that are affordable for you. Scroll down and see more!

Our Christian Ministries & Medical Cost Sharing Plans Provide…

Cheaper Plans!

Monthly Payment (Monthly share) amount will most likely be less than your an insurance payment.


Completely avoid the hassle of Obamacare. Skip the website frustration, headaches of lost data and account issues. Health share enrollment makes it simple.

No Tax Penalty!

Members are fully exempt from the ACA Penalty so you don’t pay any fines/taxes to the IRS!

The Challenge

Obamacare prices continuosly rise in attempt to bring “control” to the marketplace, but much rather, it’s causing havoc. The people most affected by this is middle-aged citizens who also have good income. They’re unable to get tax breaks through Obamacare, and end up having to pay the full price for the costly plans that continue to rise.

The Solution

Alternative Health, instead, we offer Health Share Plans that avoid this hiccup. Options are available with the same coverage and in some cases up to a 1/5 of the price of health insurance premiums. Join the christian medical insrance revolution that not only covers you at great costs, but also promotes a healthy lifestyle among you and your loved ones.

Christian Ministries

No Brainer!

If you dont qualify for a subsidy through Obamacare AND have a family with a healthy lifestyle, it would be a NO BRAINER to get a Healthsharing plan with Aliera!

See Who Can Benefit In Savings With Christian Health Share Plans

With Our Case Study...

We used 5,000 of our insurance clients and their enrollment information as examples. These are the results of who would save! After introducing the Medical Cost Sharing option to them, %65 of families decided to make the switch. Savings are available with Christian Health Share Plans.

  • Healthy Families Not Qualified For Medicaid or Kid Care 99%
  • People Who Don’t Qualify For The Obamacare Tax Credit 95%
  • Upper Class Families 92%
  • Middle Class Families 79%

Do I Have To Be Religous To Join?

With Aliera, you don’t have to be religous to join the health sharing network. Read further down to find out how to join Aliera today.


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Two Of The Best Christian Ministries Available

Aliera Christian Health Share Membership

Aliera Healthcare is a new and innovative healthcare organization offering its members a comprehensive model of care. Their healthcare programs are centered around the direct primary care medical home model of care which puts the member at the center of care.

Altrua Medicial Cost Sharing Ministry

Altrua HealthShare is a nationwide faith-based membership of dynamic individuals and families who share in each other’s medical needs by heeding scripture calling on believers to bear the burdens of others. The health sharing concept has been around for almost three decades.

Altrua Medicial Cost Sharing Ministry

Altrua HealthShare is a nationwide faith-based membership of dynamic individuals and families who share in each other’s medical needs by heeding scripture calling on believers to bear the burdens of others. The health sharing concept has been around for almost three decades.

The Advantages Of Having Medical Cost Sharing

Enroll In Aliera!

Alternative Health’s members love the plans offered by Aliera! View there plan options and brochures today, and find out why they have a %98 membership retention rate!

Members Avoid The Tax Penalty

This can be a huge deal. You might be exempted so there aren’t any fines for not having insurance in the event that you participate in an experienced wellness sharing ministry.

Networks Are Less Important

Networks are much less significant. Some HSM have no network associations in any way, meaning you’re free to pick your physicians and hospitals. Some have negotiated payment arrangements that were better using a network of suppliers, so you’ll have out-of-pocket costs with those suppliers.

Enrollment Is Always Available

It’s possible for you to register anytime of the year and become a member.

How Health Sharing Memberships Work!

Normally, in Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSM) everyone pays for small out-of-pocket costs independently. When a larger claim is required to be paid the ministry is written by you, the members are contacted by them, and also you get prayers and financial gifts to help you purchase your claim.

This money comes in part from members as needed and in-part from monthly deposits in a group account from members.

HCSM do not have networks and are not restricted to specific states or areas. They only pay to get a given sum or percentage of the price of health care services accrued by its members that each of the members pay into. That is, as long as those services are not in conflict together with the common belief system on which the organization was set up.

For individuals or families who for private reasons, do not need to participate in the ACA or who, found a big increase in premium prices, this may be a viable alternative to purchasing minimal coverage that is vital.

GUIDANCE: HCSM will not be necessary to give you the same medical coverage as other plans and are not considered minimal coverage that was crucial. Look really carefully at the guidelines for ‘eligible medical services’ provided by any HCSM you’re thinking about to be sure that it comprises care for absolutely any pre existing conditions you might and that all the types of medical expenses that are eligible come in accordance to your own own ethical or belief system.

How Aliera Works

How Altrua Works

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Trouble Understanding?

Alternative Health has a team of Health Share Experts willing to assist you in finding the best christian health share plans available. Call today and find the best christian ministries for you.

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Altrua HealthShare / Aliera Healthcare are faith-based medical-need sharing memberships. Medical needs are only shared by the members according to the membership guidelines. Our members agree to the Statement of Standards and voluntarily submit monthly contributions into an escrow account with Altrua HealthShare / Aliera Healthcare acting as a neutral escrow agent between members. Organizations like ours have been operating successfully for years. We are including the following caveat for all to consider.

This publication or membership is not issued by an insurance company, nor is it offered through an insurance company. This publication or the membership does not guarantee or promise that your eligible medical needs will be shared by the membership. This publication or the membership should never be considered as a substitute for an insurance policy. If the publication or the membership is unable to share in all or part of your eligible medical needs, or whether or not this membership continues to operate, you will remain financially liable for any and all unpaid medical needs.

This is not a legally binding agreement to reimburse any member for medical needs a member may incur, but is instead, an opportunity for members to care for one another in a time of need, to present their medical needs to other members as outlined in the membership guidelines. The financial assistance members receive will come from other members’ monthly contributions that are placed in an escrow account, not from Altrua HealthShare / Aliera Healthcare.