Affordable Health Insurance | Healthcare Alternatives

Discover Affordable Health Isnruance Plans That Are Available All-Year Round. These easy access Healthcare Alternatives can offer you and your family great coverage for as low as $40 a month!

Find Healthcare Alternatives That will…

Offer Acceptance

Feel safe knowing these plans have a broad network of healthcare providers. These plans are accepted widely among the top Hospitals and Cancer Centers throughout the U.S.

Fill The Gaps

Whether your health insurance goes offline, or you completely lose coverage, you can find affordable health insurance alternatives that cover you for however long you may need it.

Provide Lower Premiums

Find affordable health insurance options that offer lower health insurance premiums than the Affordable Care Act

Short Term Health Insurance

Get affordable health insurance coverage at discounted prices compared to traditional marketplace plans. Short Term Health Insurance is designed for people who are waiting for longer-term care that is being in place. See how you can take advantage of what Short Term Health Insurance has to offer.


Experience the benefits of having immediate access to a specialist. Skip the 45 minute drive of visiting a specialist and get immediate treatment right over the phone or computer. This includes treatment recommendations and diagnostics.

Telehealth Combo Plan

If you would like to supplement your health plan, or just can’t afford health insurance, this option might be for you. These plans are very affordable, making it easy to give a whole family coverage. For the low price of just $40/month your family could get Telehealth, Dental, Vision, and RX prescription discounts.

Save BIG With Telemedine, Telehealth, and Teledoc Services

Experience the benefits of being part of the Telemedicine Revolution  


More Convenient and Accessible Patient Care

Patients who can’t take off time from work, or are too busy to schedule appointments can access care virtually. Video conferencing and smartphone apps connect more patients with providers than ever before.


Healthcare Cost Savings

Remote analysis, monitoring services, and electronic data storage significantly reduce healthcare service costs. Both you, and insurance companies save BIG!


Better Patient Care Quality

Patients can address healthcare issues quickly with real-time urgent care consultations and learn about treatment options within minutes.

Short Term Health Insurance PROS AND CONS

We outline some of the major pros and cons associated with having Short Term Health Insurance.