Short Term Health Insurance

Whether you are switching jobs, just moved in, or need temporary health insurance for now, we have plans designed for you.

Short Term Health Plans

Find temporary short term health plans that are designed to cover people waiting for longer-term medical insurance.

Short Term Health Insurance | Short Term Health Plans | Short Term Health Insurance Florida – And Other States

Explore our great-priced short term health plans! Our Short Term Health Insurance Florida plans offer quotes that are affordable for you. Scroll down and see more!

Short Term Health Plans Offer You…


Quick Activation

Most of our plans not only provide great coverage, but coverage activated on the spot, within 24 hours


Affordable, and flexible plans made for you.

Peace Of Mind

Better safe than sorry! Short term health insurance can help you bridge coverage gaps between new and old plans.

Situations Where Short Term Health Insurance Is Best

Apply For Short Term Health Plans

These Plans offer affordability and flexibility. Find temporary short term health plans that are designed to cover people waiting for longer-term medical insurance. Short Term Health Insurance Florida

Waiting On Medicare / Obamacare

If you’re waiting for coverage, a short-term plan can protect you in the meantime. Activations are almost always instant!

Buying A Car

When buying a car, many times you’ll be asked for Proof of Insurance (POI). With short term health insurance, you can get an affordable plan just for the paperwork that lasts no longer than 30 days!

Job Change

Whether you lossed your job or you’re switching between jobs, you can fill the coverage gaps with short term health plans.

Moving Out

Moving to a new area with different coverage options? While you get your primary health insurance in place, you can apply for short term health plans in the meantime.

What Is Short Term Health Insurance?

Short-term insurance is temporary

As the name suggests, short-term health insurance is intended for the short term only. You can generally buy short-term coverage in one-month increments up to 6 -12 months, though some plans may have shorter maximum coverage limits.

Short-term insurance is affordable

Compared to traditional major medical coverage, short-term plans tend to be relatively affordable. For example, in 2014 the average monthly premiums for short-term plans selected by consumers were $110 for individuals and $262 for families.

Find Premiere Short Term Health Plans With IHC

See How One Of Our More Popular Short Term Health Insurance Forida Plans Work With IHC

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No Brainer!

If you are any of these…

  1. Between coverage option
  2. exempt from the mandate to buy insurance
  3. Need catastrophic coverage outside of the open enrollment

it would be a NO BRAINER to get Short Term Health Insurance.

Are Short Term Health Plans Minimum Essential Coverage?

Short term health plans aren’t going to allow you to steer clear of the fee, and don’t meet the minimum essential coverage mandate.

The law states very clearly that a temporary health plan is not ObamaCare-compliant. Please don’t anticipate a rule to be passed altering this. Short term medical coverage has a worth, as it could be an economical option for those people who are exempt from the fee due to income, those who’ve missed open enrollment, and those people who are in between other insurance alternatives.

Does Temporary Health Insurance Cost More?

In general short term plans will cost less than regular plans. However, you must take into account the fact that you may owe the per month fee for not having health insurance and you will not be able to get cost assistance subsidies with the short term policy.

Short Term Health Insurance: The Pros And Cons

Alternative Health has a team of Health Insurance Experts willing to assist you in finding the best short term health insurance Florida plans available. We can also assist you in other states! Call today and find the best alternative option for you.

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