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Telehealth and Telemedicine | Benefits of Telemedicine Services

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Telehealth And Telemedicine Give You…


With 24/7 telemedicine services, clinicians can help you with common cases like cold or flu.


Direct Service

Specialist can see and hear your symptoms face-to-face, rather than relying on a doctor’s note. This allows better diagnosis and treatment options.


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What Is Telehealth And Telemedicine?

Telemedicine, occasionally called telehealth, connects individuals with healthcare professionals by telephone or over the Web. With telemedicine services, you will get guidance on managing the problem, a diagnosis, and when appropriate, prescriptions for particular kinds of non-narcotic drugs. You might also be able to get short term refills on prescriptions that are present.


Essentially, the benefits of telemedicine is to recieve diagnosis and prescriptions without the hassle of driving 45 minutes to visit your nearest specialist. With Telehealth and Telemedicine, everything is virtually on-demand and instant.

Major Benefits of Telemedicine Services

Reduce Your Exposure To Infectious Diseases

Around %40 of people who visit the ER are exposed to another virus while there. Avoid the waiting rooms and be in the comfort of your own home during appointments


Free Consultations With Local, Experienced Doctors

Telemedicine strategies associate you with U.S. board certified physicians who reside and work in the U.S. and are licensed to practice in your state. Consultations are free for plan members.


Reduced Medical Costs

The average cost of an emergency room visit (for a non-life threatening condition) is $2,168. The American Medical Association and Wellness Council of America estimate almost 75% of all doctor, urgent care, and ER visits could be handled safely and effectively with telemedicine services.

Get Treatment Right From Your Home/Work, Including Prescriptions

Doctors can call in prescriptions for non-narcotic medicines to your choice of pharmacy,

What conditions can Telehealth and Telemedicine Services treat?

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These Plans offer affordability and flexibilty. Abuse the benefits of telemedicine plans that are designed to cover people needing affordable alternatives that cover many types of insurance, such as vision & dental.

Cold and Flu Symptoms




Urinary Tract Infection


Sinus Problems

Skin Problems


Respiratory Infections

And More!


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Additional Benefits of Temedicine Services To Consider…



Penciling in a lunch-hour visit by means of your physician can prove challenging. Telemedicine eases this issue. Through video, Web chat, or phone, workers can follow-up on a prescription or diagnosis using a physician they’ve been seeing for years.


Less time in the waiting room.

We’ve all flipped through the same old dilemma of waiting our turn to see our primary care physician or dentist. Telemedicine removes this procedure.


A growing number of doctors are charging less for a telemedicine consultation than they would for an in-person visit. This is especially true for all those residing in rural communities. Rural families who’d normally travel hours out of their way to access health services that are essential can do it from the comfort of their sofa.

Privacy assurance.

Telemedicine complies with HIPAA laws, which plan to prevent private or secure medical records from being leaked. “You wouldn’t want to Skype with your doctor and talk about all your personal medical history,” says Dunmire. It’s private.”

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Doctors Online

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Disclaimer: Our network of telehealth doctors do not issue prescriptions for controlled substances, non-therapeutic drugs, and certain other drugs. This is not an insurance policy, does not qualify as “minimum essential coverage” under the Affordable Care Act, and is not intended to replace any existing health insurance coverage.