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Qualifies Health Plans

You May Apply for quotes for Obamacare and check all available qualified health plan options on and off the Government Exchange. State Licensed CMS Certified Agents are here to help you apply or change plans 24/7. Apply below.

Vision Plans

Great Vision plans that cover, but are not limited to… visits, frames, contacts, and lenses. For a limited time get an extra $20-$40 OFF on name brands like Bebe, Calvin Klien, Nike, and more. Contact us today for assistance and explore our great vision plans.

Great Dental Plans

Great Dental plans starting at $10.00 per month. Compare the best dental insurance plans available in your area. There could be special priced dental plans in your area. Make sure to just follow the link or Contact one of our Certified Agents for any help.

Short Term Medical

Outside of the Open Enrollment for Health Insurance, you will have to qualify for an SEP (special enrollment period) to be able to purchase a qualified health plan. If you don’t qualify for an SEP you may qualify for a Short Term Plan.

Choosing The Right Obamacare Health Plans

When choosing a plan, they all cover the same Essential Health Benefits. Your monthly premium will be higher if you choose a higher level plans, such as Gold or Platinum.

Bronze Health Plan

  • Approximately %60 Coverage
  • Lowest Premium
  • High Deductible
  • Qualify For Subsidy

Silver Health Plan

  • Approximately %70 Coverage
  • 2nd Lowest Premium
  • Separate Medical & RX
  • Qualify For Subsidy
  • Cost-Sharing Reduction

Gold Health Plan

  • Approximately %80 Coverage
  • Higher Premium
  • Lower Deductible
  • Qualify For Subsidy

Platinum Health Plan

  • Approximately %90 Coverage
  • Highest Premium
  • Lowest Deductible
  • Qualify For Subsidy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Buy Health Insurance From The Marketplace / Obamacare?

Most people can shop for coverage in the Obamacare Marketplace. To be eligible you must live in the state where your Marketplace is, you must be a citizen of the U.S. or be lawfully present in the U.S., and you must not currently be incarcerated. Not everybody who is eligible to purchase coverage in the Marketplace will be eligible for subsidies, however. To qualify for subsidies (also called premium tax credits) people will have to meet additional requirements having to do with their income and their eligibility for other coverage.

Can I Buy A Plan On The Marketplace If I Don't Have A Green Card?

If you are not a U.S. citizen, a U.S. national, or an alien lawfully present in the U.S., you are not eligible to buy a plan on the health insurance insurance Marketplace. However, you can shop for health insurance insurance outside of the Marketplace in the non-group market. Insurers outside of the Marketplace are prohibited from turning you down based on your health insurance status or your immigration status and must follow generally the same rules as plans in the Marketplace. To obtain coverage, contact a state-licensed health insurance company or a licensed agent or broker. Your state Department of Insurance can help you find one.

What Are Qualified Health Plans?

All health plans offered through the Marketplace must meet the requirements of “qualified health plans.” This means they will cover essential health benefits, limit the amount of cost sharing (such as deductibles and co-pays) for covered benefits, and satisfy all other consumer protections required under the Affordable Care Act. Health plans may vary somewhat in the benefits they cover. Health plans also will vary based on the level of cost sharing required. Plans will be labeled Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum to indicate the overall amount of cost sharing they require. Bronze plans will have the highest deductibles and other cost sharing, while Platinum plans will have the lowest. Health plans will also vary based on the networks of hospitals and other health care providers they offer. Some plans will require you to get all non-emergency care in-network, while others will provide some coverage when you receive out-of-network care.

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