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Private Exchange Health Insurance | Off Exchange Health Insurance

Discover new Private Exchange Health Insurance plans in your area with our State-Licensed Insurance Agents! The Off Exchange Health Insurance market is extremely complicated. Let us do the digging for you to find the perfect plan for you and your family.

Reasons You May Want Private Exchange Health Insurance…


Don't Qualify

Many Individuals & Families don’t qualify for a subsidy through Obamacare. In this case, Off Exchange Health Insurance is usually the more affordable option.


Against Obamacare

Simply against, or do not want to affiliate with Obamacare? Private Exchange Health Insurance is typically the best alternative.

Short Of Options

Insurance companies are leaving drastically. If your area is short of options, we have pleanty with Private Exchange Health Insurace.

Gain An Understanding

What Is Off Exchange Health Insurance?

Off exchange health insurance, also known as “private exchange health insurance“, refers to a health insurance policies that aren’t available for purchase within a federal or state exchange. An exchange is a government-ran marketplace of health insurance plan options. Both on and off exchange health insurance in the individual markets must satisfy Essential Health Benefits coverage requirements.


You can use a private exchange health insurance brokers to help you enroll in a marketplace plan and you can also go direct to an insurer for assistance. You can find plans not offered on the marketplace through our brokers and insurers. With Off Exchange Health Insurance, shoppers have options – but also complexities to consider. We always suggest starting your journey with our Specialized Agents to get a better sense of your options, but the choice is ultimately in the hands of the shopper. When choosing an outside source, consider sticking with local in-person agents and brokers. These people know the network around you best, rather than major insurers.


All qualified major medical plans sold inside and outside of the marketplace have the same basic regulations, offer the same basic benefits, rights, and protections, count as minimum essential coverage, and will protect you from the per month fee for not having coverage. The main differences you’ll find in plans are costs and benefits beyond the minimum standards.

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No Brainer!

If you have very limited ACA Marketplace options where you live, it would be a NO BRAINER to enroll in Off Exchange Health Insurance.


When there are limited options on the public exchange market, Insurers can hike the prices knowing they are the only options. On the flip-side, Private Exchange Health Insurance companies flood these areas, knowing they have opportunity for people with no options. This causes off exchange health insurers to have competition.

Competition = Lower Prices.

Experience the Benefits of a Private Exchange Health Insurance Plan


Option to Choose Your Doctor


Improved Facilities


No Limit Coverage

Shopping for Health Insurance Outside of the Health Insurance Marketplace

Helpful information on shopping for Off Exchange Health Insurance Plans

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