Critical Illness Coverage

Protect yourself from the risks of being… Young! Find a Critical Illness Plan made for you.

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Critical Illness Coverage | Critical Illness Plan

Get insured with Critical Illness Coverage to prevent being in a financial crisis. Find A Critical Illness Plan for you!

Critical Illness Coverage Gives You…


If you ever get diagnosed with a life threatening illness, a big check is written to give you a financial boost.


We offer cancer coverage, vasscular coverage, and many plans that combine the two.



This coverage can be assigned seperately or alongside a life insurance policy.

What Is Critical Illness Coverage?

Critical illness insurance, otherwise referred to as a dread disease policy or critical illness cover, is an insurance service where the insurer is contracted to usually produce a lump-sum cash payment in the event a policyholder is diagnosed on with an illness that is part of a predetermined list within an insurance policy.

Why Have A Critical Illness Plan?

Critical illnesses are striking more and more Americans. An estimated 1.5 million more Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year (American Cancer Society). Other estimates of 785,000 Americans will have a first heart attack, and about 600,000 Americans will experience their first stroke (American Heart Association). The vast majority will survive. But the vast majority will also not have the money to afford the expenses. This is where critical illness coverage is the solution, leaving clients financially well.

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These Plans offer affordability and flexibilty. Find temporary short term health plans that are designed to cover people waiting for longer-term medical insurance. Short Term Health Insurance Florida

All Of Our Critical Illness Plan Covers…

Heart Attack


Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery




Life Threatening Cancer


End–Stage Renal Failure


Major Human Organ Transplant






Why Employees Need A Critical Illness Plan

Traditional healthcare insurance only covers a number of the expenses that an employee may face when diagnosed with a critical illness. Critical Illness Coverage can help cover most of the unexpected expenses.

In 2015, almost 1.4 million Americans declared bankruptcy. 60% of those bankruptcies were due to medical bills! Find a critical illness plan that will prevent you from financial hiccups




Bankruptcies due to medical bills

Advantages of a critical illness plan


Recieve a cash benefit.

Simple Application

To apply, you answer simple yes or no questions.


Money is distributed as needed.

Lifetime Benefits

Recieve up to $50,000 in lifetime benefits from your coverage option

Ages where people make their first critical illness claim, and are eligible for payments.

  • < 30 Years Old 10%
  • 31 – 40 Years Old 23%
  • 41 – 50 Years Old 52%
  • > 51 Years Old 15%

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