Hospital Indemnity Insurance

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Hospital Indemnity Insurance | Hospital Confinement Insurance | Hospital Indemnity Plan

24-Hour Accident and Sickness Hospital Indemnity Insurance Policies Made For You.

Some Benefits Of Hospital Confinement Insurance

Lowers Deductibles

Our plans can be used to supplement your high deductible primary health plans

Build Your Own Plan

Meet your own specific needs with our unique plan builder.

Cash Benefit

Lump-sum cash benefit paid directly to you.

What Is Hospital Indemnity Insurance?

Hospital Indemnity insurance, also called Hospital insurance or Hospital Confinement insurance, is a plan that pays you benefits if you are kept at a hospital. Whether for reasons that are planned or unplanned, or for other medical services, according to the coverage.

Our Hospital indemnity plan will assist you to fill gaps in your medical coverage. We give money to help cover deductibles. Pharmacy prescriptions along with other non-covered expenses are covered as well. These could arise from hospital stays and services.

How We Stand Out

Unlike traditional medical insurance plans, our hospital confinement insurance pays a predetermined cash amount when you get a specific service, regardless of what your provider charges you. There are no deductibles and you may keep your own doctor. We pay you cash benefits. You can use them however you decide

Affordable, Accessible, Flexible, Versatile

We offer two main options that are syure to fit your budget and lifestyle. The surveys are easy! Only a few medical questions are needed to apply. Choices include family or individual options. Fid a hosptial indemnity plan today!

Benefits For Covered Services Include…

Hospital Care

Hospital admission benefit, hospital confinement, emergency room/urgent care

Ambulance & Surgical

Ground or air ambulance, inpatient and outpatient surgical services

Office Visits

lab work, allergy shots and immunizations, and prescription drugs

Cash Benefits

$2,000,000 Over Your Lifetime (Per covered person)

Hospital Confinement Insurance

Save %100 of the costs from these scary statistics from 2016

Average Hospital Stay (days)

Average Inpatient Cost Per Day In U.S

The Simplicity Of Hospital Indemnity Insurance


Receive care for qualified medical service


Submit a claim form


Recieve A Check!

4 Facts You Need to Know About Hospital Indemnity Insurance

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